North Central Newfoundland Club


In a nutshell, we have fun. Our events center around our love for Newfs.  From our annual picnic to newfie walks, from educational events and working events such as draft and water to our holiday charity event to support NCNC Rescue, it's a great time and we would love to have you join us!

Our annual picnic to kick off the Summer is a perfect time to meet members, lots of Newfs and enjoy great food and games.  Of course, you may get slimed a bit but we love it!

Newfoundlands are a natural working breed. Many NCNC members participate in water, draft, obedience, rally and conformation events. Come to our events to learn more about getting started. Cheer these amazing Newfs on at our annual draft event, water test practices or the NCNC Regional Specialty conformation event. 

Of course, Rescue is near and dear to our hearts and always active.  Whether it's placing Newfs in new homes, fostering as an owner gets back on their feet, helping with vet bills, your donations to Rescue go a long way! Our annual NCNC Holiday Party to raise money for NCNC Rescue is sure to bring warmth and cheer in the dead of winter with an amazing raffle, silent auction, games, food and drinks.  With your help, we raise thousands of dollars for NCNC Rescue.  

Join the NCNC community of Newf lovers on Facebook who are here to help, collaborate, learn and inspire you to be the best for your Newf and further spread the word about the wonderful Newfoundland breed!

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